Homemade Chocolate Coconut Balls

Super easy recipe and if you are a fan of chocolate and cocunut you will love these 🙂 I made a batch on Thursday and they didnt last too long.

What you need

  • Mixing Bowl
  • Baking Tray
  • 2 dessert spoons
  • Wire rack
  • Greaseproof paper


  • 200g desiccated coconut
  • 1 can condensed milk (397g)
  • 200g milk chocolate

Heres how to make them

  1. Place the coconut into the mixing bowl. Pour the condensed milk over the coconut and mix together.
  2. Line your baking tray with greaseproof paper
  3. Get your 2 dessert spoons and spoon some of the mixture to make little balls. I roll the mixture between the spoons to make the shape. (Dont spend too long doing this they don’t need to be perfect!!)
  4. Line the mixture on your baking tray and put into the fridge to allow them to set. I left mine in the fridge for an hour.
  5. Melt the milk chocolate (use the microwave or put the chocolate in a bowl and melt it over boiling water – TIP make sure the bowl does not touch the hot water)
  6. Once your chocolate is melted take your coconut balls out of the fridge and move them to the wire rack. Put the baking tray underneath the wire rack. Spoon the melted chocolate over the top.
  7. Once the chocolate is cooled put the coconut balls back in the fridge to set.
  8. Once set enjoy, they taste yum with a nice hot cup of tea.




I miss you today Grandad

Today 2nd April marks the 1st anniversary of my grandads death. I’ve been dreaming and thinking about him a lot over the last week or so and im really missing him. I feel he is missing so much even though i know he is keeping an eye on us all.


I miss

…. his face lighting up when we went to visit….. (even on days when he wasnt feeling his best)

…. watching himself and granny together they were married over 60 years and they adored each other….. (I aspire to be like them in my marriage)

…. his hugs – he gave the best hugs – you could just feel the love oozing from him……

…. how no matter what he always wore a smart shirt and jumper…..

….. the smell of his aftershave…..

….. the smell from his hats (i know that sounds weird but there was a smell in a good way)…..

…. how he would open a present – ever so carefully – peeling the sellotape and carefully peeling away the wrapping to reveal his present – it used to drive us nuts


I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time with my grandparents growing up. I remember when I was young

….. the sound of him whistling you could hear it all over the garden…..

…. spending loads and loads of time with him in the tunnel and glasshouse talking sweetly to the tomotoes and other veggies to make them big and strong…..

…. taking “Tiny” for walks in the Gunpowder Mills in Ballincollig – the sun always seems to shine in my memories anyway…..

…. learning how to drive in Naad… the man had patience of a saint I wasnt the best driver when I started out…..

…. all the encouragement and pride he always had for all of his grandkids…..


I have such amazing memories that I hold very close forever and always. xx





I read a quote recently from Nigella Lawson that I think sums up how i’m feeling about my grandparents and my dad –

“It takes time even to begin to accept someones becoming part of a memory bank rather than a living-breathing person: the immediate loss is entirely shockingly physical; their smell, the feel of them. They are not in the next room; they are gone”

Quick and Easy Cookies

My brother came to visit recently so I did some baking so I could be sister of the year!!! 😛

I found the following recipe on the odlums website and had to give it a go – this is the easiest cookie recipe EVER!


  • 150g/5oz Odlums Self Raising Flour
  • 75g/3oz Odlums Porridge Oatflakes
  • 125g/4oz Margarine (at room temperature)
  • 1 Egg
  • 1 teaspoon Vanilla Essence
  • 125g/4oz Shamrock Light Brown Sugar
  • 100g Packet Plain Chocolate Chips
  • 100g packet White Chocolate Chips


  • Preheat oven to 190°C/375°F/Gas 5. Lightly grease two baking trays.
  • Put the margarine and sugar into a bowl and beat until mixture is smooth.
  • Add the egg and the vanilla essence and beat again.
  • Finally stir in the flour, oatflakes and chocolate chips. Mixture will be very stiff.
  • Place teaspoons of mixture on the baking trays, leaving a space between each to allow for spreading.
  • Bake for about 15 minutes until beginning to turn golden brown. Cool for 2 or 3 minutes on the baking tray, then, transfer to a wire tray to cool completely.

No picture im afraid my brother and hubby did a great job sampling the cookies as soon as they were out of the oven! They didnt last long even when they cooled.

Check out the odlums website for more easy recipes http://www.odlums.ie/

Flowers for Granny

Today has always been a special day – 20th February – You see its my granny’s birthday! This year however its a little different because it’s the first birthday without Granny.

Since I got my “Big Job” (Granny’s words) in Dublin I have always ordered a bouquet of flowers to be delivered to Granny on this special day. I am always very particular about the flowers she gets as for years granny looked after the flowers in our local church and I always remember the smell of flowers in her house during the summer especially the sweet peas she grew in her garden. Plus and this is the main reason I always wanted her to have the best.

A reminder email upset me this week – I know that sounds silly but it was a reminder to order flowers for Granny. This is the first time I wont be doing that. I am going to have to come up with a new way to remember Granny and to celebrate her life and memory.

I’ve been thinking about my granny a lot in the last couple of weeks and I miss going to see her when im home at my moms. I miss the big smile she had for me when I would go in to see her in the sun room. I miss the big kiss I got from her when we would be leaving and how she would say “May God Bless You” everytime she was saying goodbye.

I was very lucky to get to spend a lot of time with my grandparents when I was growing up and I really have the best memories of my time in their home.

I miss

  • sharing our birthday celebrations – there is only 5 days between them
  • the smell of her perfume – Anais, Anais – forever it will remind me of her
  • the smell of her baking when I was young – getting 3rd degree burns on my tongue was worth it to have a hot curney bun 🙂
  • watching old movies with her on a Saturday when I was growing up – Singing in the rain always reminds me of her…..
  • listening to stories of when she was growing up and hearing all about Blarney
  • our joint love of chocolate and cake and dessert in general!! 🙂
  • her and grandad messing! and the undying love they always had for each other.

I was privilaged to have Granny at my wedding last June and ill never forget the wishes she had for me the night before – she hoped I would be as happy and as long married as herself and Grandad were. They were married over 60 years so thats what im aiming for!!

RPB_1544So Happy Birthday Granny, love and miss you loads xxx

Christmas cookie trees

As you may have gathered by now i’m a fan of baking for others. I love to see their faces when i hand over the latest goodies 🙂 I came across a recipe for Ginger cookie Christmas trees and decided to give it a try!!




Heres the finished product everyone seemed to love them and were delighted to get a new mason jar too 🙂



Happy Christmas everyone!!!